Land of Gold Review

pexels-photo-695794.jpegThis album was absolutely beautiful to me. I feel that Shankar really captured and conveyed what it means to be a refugee. I think it was the combination of the instruments in the songs that really put me into the world of a refugee. The way each instrument came together in the songs conveyed so many different emotions; fear, despair, anger, joy, and hope. I think my favorite song was the final one, Reunion. I could picture families that had been separated during the crisis being overjoyed at finding their loved ones again. The ordering of the songs was very interesting as well. It felt like I was with them at every step as they made their way across the sea to a different country, a safer, better place. I also really enjoyed the song, Land of Gold. It felt like a lullaby a mother might sing to a child to comfort them on this journey; it was calming but meaningful.
I think this album is an effective means of communication about the current crisis. Music can connect all human beings and make them understand the struggles of others. I believe that Shankar did an excellent job trying to communicate and connect people with this album. She captures the refugees, their struggle and relates it to the world through her music.

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