The question isn’t answered if an answer isn’t questioned

Why am I here? I would much rather be at home. I could ask myself this same question anywhere, whether I’m wandering around the University Parks or shopping for new sneakers at Westgate. Yet the idea doesn’t appear except in the smallest corner of my mind, when I’m standing on the sidelines of an Oxford…… Continue reading The question isn’t answered if an answer isn’t questioned


By the time we arrive at the club for our weekly bout of binge-drinking and scream-singing along to that week’s top hits, there is already a line wrapped around the outside of the building. The corners of my mouth tug downward into a grimace, but I push forward and claim us two spots in the…… Continue reading bacchae


I step outside on an afternoon in September, sunglasses on and shirt sleeves rolled up only to find myself confronted with gray clouds low overhead and a biting wind at my back. I think, for a moment about going back for my coat but my head is still pounding, last night’s mistakes are still roiling…… Continue reading rituals