Brutta Nottata

When one dreams of an Italian vacation, one typically conjures the romantic image of a table lit by a candle housed in an old wine bottle; the table is set with silver cutlery cradled in a burgundy napkin; a waiter sets down a sumptuous plate of orecchiette ai cime di rapa and you, in true…… Continue reading Brutta Nottata

Date Dissonance

“Please order everything for me…I have no idea what half of these things are” I told Tim, holding the menu in confusion. “Okay, okay. Don’t you worry. I will order,” he said with a toothy smile. It happened. Tim had persisted through my constant, wishy-washy, yes-no-maybe answers. It was hard for me to even believe…… Continue reading Date Dissonance

Land of Gold

I listen to a great many styles of music—pop, R&B, classical, dubstep, even K-pop—but I had never listened to sitar music before, so Anoushka Shankar’s album Land of Gold was an entirely new musical experience for me. Learning that this album is inspired by the tragic death of a young refugee boy, I went into…… Continue reading Land of Gold

Road Trip

“Ladies and gentlemen,” buzzed a tired-sounding women over the microphone. The noise reverberated in the corner of the waiting area. “Flight 605 to Spokane has been canceled due to understaffing. Please make your way to the concierge to arrange accommodations. We apologize on behalf of Alaska Airlines.” The mood in the room was resounding confusion…… Continue reading Road Trip

The Congregation House

From the outside—with its ornate windows, magnificent stone details, and the adjacent, jutting precipice of St. Mary’s Church—the aptly named Congregation House seems more of a parish chapel or gothic chantry than a stylish café. Walking into the café, I noted the speckled-stone grave markers just feet from the entrance. I hoped the departed liked…… Continue reading The Congregation House