The Blackout

  I loved the way the candlelight cast shadows along Felipe’s jaw as we sat and talked in the dingy bar. All of Amsterdam had lost power, and we had desperately been trying to find a place to have a good time. Our group of four stumbled into this small bar that smelled of weed…… Continue reading The Blackout

Solitary Semester

In mid-October, I sat on the cold tile floor of a beach house in North Carolina with twenty fellow future educators. It was the end of a relaxing day in the sand, and our two directors had gathered us together to discuss our goals for our upcoming semester abroad. The twenty-one of us who had…… Continue reading Solitary Semester

April Fools!

I remember sneaking around the kitchen on April 1st with my mom and sister when I was a child. We did our best to keep our dad from seeing the suspicious ingredients required for making dinner. Every year he thought it was nice of us to cook for him at the beginning of his birthday…… Continue reading April Fools!

Just No

The word no has followed me around ever since I can remember; it was like a ball and chain that I just couldn’t seem to lose. So when I went to the Tate Modern in London, I was not too surprised to find the word capitalized and right in my face. Bruce Nauman’s painting of…… Continue reading Just No